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What is a case consult?

Before we outline the Case Consult. lets briefly understand what a co-counsel is.


Since the beginning of litigation and even before personal injury cases, the co-counsel has been a way for typically two lawyers from different law firms to work on the case together. Most often the lead counsel is a senior lawyer with much experience in the area. The second chair or referring attorney is often desirious of splitting the workload and having a more experienced lawyer to work with on the case. The mimimum case value for

co-counsel is 5 million - gross value.

Don Keenan

The case consult is essentially all of the work you would normally do in a co-counsel case with the exception of the actual court appearances, prescence at mediation and the trial. The consult counsel is not an attorney of record and has no attorney/client relationship with the client. 

The case consult would entail all aspects of the Reptile:

  • narrative focus group 

  • development of codes and rules

  • spreading the tentacles of danger

  • the Keenan method of witness preparation

  • the hit list for depositions and role playing

  • assistance in expert selection

  • assistance in strategy on demonstrative evidence

  • strategy and end game of all settlement considerations to include:

    • the mediation

    • crafting the voir dire, opening statement, order of proof, and closing argument.

NOTE: Often a case which commences as a consult case is revised to be a co-counsel case. Minimum case value for a case consult is 1 million - gross value.

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