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"The workshop gives plaintiff lawyers the rare opportunity to learn and collaborate on their cases with each other under the direction of Don Keenan.  Lawyers with similar cases spend an intense day and a half learning specific skills that take the Reptile up several levels and applying those lessons to their cases."

Fred Cludius

The Kyle Law Firm

707 N Walnut Avenue

New Braunfels, TX 78130




"It's a unique opportunity to come together with Don and other Reptile lawyers and get first hand input and review of every aspect of your specific case to make sure you are on the right track and understanding what you need to do to make the jury care about your case.  You always leave feeling like you know something that no one else has had the opportunity to learn about how to use the Reptile since everything you learn is from Don directly.  In addition, the focused collaboration from other Reptile skilled lawyers is like a Reptile List Serve on steroids.
Nothing else like it."

Tye Smith

1350 S.W. 89th Street

Oklahoma City, OK 73159


"The workshop is an alliance and a brotherhood joined to battle a common enemy.  You leave pride where it should always be (buried in the backyard) and open your mind to others to take the best others have to offer to you in unfiltered honesty, Concern for you and your case.  This is the best of the best ways to collaborate and galvanize case strengths and ID and swift boat weaknesses. Bar none -- the best intelligence gathering I have ever attended or been invited to. I love this shit and the peeps."

R. Matthew Kyle, Esq.

The Kyle Law Firm

707 N Walnut Avenue

New Braunfels, TX 78130


"The beach workshops are a place where you can bring your case and collaborate with good if not better attorneys on similar cases they have and get direction from Don on best practices and techniques to use to get the best possible results at trial. "

Ron Kramer

Kramer Law Group

8783 S. Redwood Rd. Suite C

West Jordan, UT 84088

Fred Cludius Texas Attorney
Tye Smith Oklahoma Attorney
Matt Kyle Texas Attorney
Ron Kramer Utah Attorney
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