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How do workshops work?


At least twice a year, all members of each case category; i.e. tractor trailer, nursing home, premises, product, medical malpractice, etc. will be invited to Seaside, FL for all day case group workshops.

You will be working with 8 to 10 other lawyers from around the country who have a case similar to yours. We know from Keenan Ball College the power of collaboration. However, the collaboration at the case group workshop is more intense because you are only working on one type of case whereas the college has diverse cases within each class.

The stated purpose of the group workshop is twofold:

  • Receiving the secret sauce information on your type of case, which is not available at any seminar or college. It is truly cutting edge techniques.

  • To work collaboratively on your case.

There is always a planning dinner the night before, which lasts several hours and pinpoints exactly what will be worked on during the second day.

The content of the second day is always different given the stages of everyone's cases and the degree of help needed. Typically, we will work on 7 to 10 different segments of the case.

As an additional bonus for the case group workshop, we have in the past invited experts to come in and participate in the workshop. For example, the tractor trailor group had a trucking industry safety expert present on the various hidden areas where liability can be established. At another time, we rented an 18 wheeler and had an experienced truck driver take all of the lawyers through a "how to drive a truck 101" session. Each lawyer had an opportunity to drive the truck in a controlled environment.

The medical malpractice group had a presentation by an expert in the paperless hospital record and how to uncover various things the hospital or doctor is attempting to hide.

The premises liability group was favored by a presentation on the statisical epidemiology of cases and how to use that as an offensive weapon.

These workshops are so beneficial that when a lawyer does tryto settle a case...they hurry up and get another case for consult, so they can stay in the group and continue their education.

Don Keenan and Keenan Ball College Faculty
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