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What extra benefits are there?

There are many extra benefits.....

1. KLF pays the tuition for all Keenan Trial Institute courses taken.

2. KLF pays for all textbooks and DVDs available through the Keenan Trial Institute.

3. Case Management Seminars.


Because we know that proper business principles are so important in a successful outcome of a case, Keenan Law Firm offers to all referring attorneys a case management seminar once a year.

In the past, referring attorneys have sent paralegals, office managers, and junior associates to the seminar. Most referring attorneys attend as well.

The personnel of the Keenan Law Firm overview every business aspect of the case.

Among the topics presented are case budgets and financing, cost effective techniques in dictation, deposition abstracts, exhibit costs, medical records organization, and use of the cloud.

Several members of the Keenan Law Firm are trained in project management and they present in how to do things such as: to do lists, work timelines, and other efficient ways to work.

While lawyers go to the seminars and the Keenan Trial Institute, rarely is there an opportunity for support staff to participate. That's not true with the case management seminar. One of the added benefits we have seen over time is that our referring attorneys have reported that the seminar created a teamwork approach and everyone felt they had an important role in the process.

While not exciting, the case management seminar has yielded great benefits in case outcome. 

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