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1. Who is Don Keenan and The Keenan Law Firm?

     If you have to ask, you need to move onto another website.

2. How long has the Keenan Law Firm been doing case consults?

    We have been doing case consults, since approximately 2008...before the Edge book was published.

3. What percentage of your caseload is devoted to case consults?

    We have set a limit of no more than one third of our caseload will be case consults. After all, we are a trial law firm and     we will always do a majority of trial work.

4. How do I know if I have a case that qualifies for a case consult?

    You never know until you submit it, which there is no charge for submission and it is submitted to the consult team. If it     appears to meet the minimum qualifications then we will always do a qualifying focus group. Thereafter we will discuss     the terms of our engagement.

5. What if I start off as a co-counsel, it develops into a bigger case than perceived, and I want a co-counsel         arrangement?

    Actually that has occurred on a not-infrequent basis. However, the case must rise to the minimum qualifications of a        co-counsel case. So bottom line you can always go from a consult case to a co-counsel case, but you cannot go in                reverse. In other words, you cannot start off as a co-counsel case and then back to a consult case.

6. I really want alot of mentoring. Will I get that with a case consult?

    Frankly, you will get as much mentoring in the case consult as you would in the co-counsel.

7. How accessible will Papa Don be to me and my office?

    The Keenan Law Firm never has more than 5 lawyers and every lawyer will work on every case in the office, whether it is     co-counsel or case consult. There has been a tremendous amount of cross-training to make all the lawyers                           knowledgeable at all positions.

8. What happens if I lose the case?

    Well first, let's hope that doesn't happen, but if it does then you owe no fee nor any expenses incurred by the Keenan           Law Firm.



9. What happens if there is a disagreement as to case strategy?

    Since there is no attorney/client relationship and since the Keenan Law Firm is not a counsel of record, the referring           attorney always has complete control of all decisions of a case and while the Keenan Law Firm will make                               recommendations if requested, those recommendations can be rejected by the referring attorney.

10. What role does the Keenan Law Firm have in turning down settlement offers?

      As with end-game strategy, the referring attorney has absolute control over settlement decisions. The Keenan Law Firm      can make recommendations, if requested, but those recommendations can be rejected.

11. What if the client terminates me?

      First, whatever fees owed at that point will be a matter of law, but the Keenan Law Firm will not undertake continued         representation if there is a new lawyer on the scene. This is an accomodation to our referring or original attorney and         a show of good faith for the relationship between us.

12. What is "secret sauce"?

      First, referring attorneys, whether it is a co-counsel or case consult, get access to all "secret sauce", which is that                   information that is so secret that it is not made available in any of the Edge books, The Keenan Trial Blog,                         The Keenan Trial Institute, or even the Keenan Trial Institute faculty training. "Secret Sauce" is reserved only for referring         attorneys and is given under the strictest of confidences.

     Furthermore, the Keenan Law Firm is always in the process of research and development (R&D) and only the referring        attorneys have access to this powerful information.

13. If I already have one case consult, which we are working on, can I bring another one to the Keenan Law         Firm?

     Over time, as we have been doing cae consults and also beach workshops, there have been many times when the                lawyers have 2, 3, or 4 cases with each one of them being in a seperate category. This then provides access to that              case-specific workshop; i.e. tractor-trailer, nursing home, medical malpractice, etc.

14. I have a referral fee owed in the case, how is the consult fee based?

      The consult fee is based solely on your fee after the deduction of your referring attorney. However, this must be                   disclosed prior to the agreement.

15. Who other than Papa Don works on my case?


16. Wil I always have access to Papa Don?

      Yes, even if he is on trial.

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